Kokoda: Women on the march

10 women - 96kms of PNG jungle

March 17-26 2009 KOKODA - PNG

Department of Defence: Army - Navy - Air Force
Australian Federal Police Agent - Law student - Grandmother -Scientist - Granddaughter of Kokoda veteran - Career woman - Nurse

The diggers who were at Kokoda were ordinary young men thrown into an extraordinary event that was WWII and showed courage, mateship, endurance and sacrifice. Those four characteristics are marked on pillars at the Kokoda memorial at Isurava PNG and they symbolise the eternal spirit of each of these men. The historical component of our documentary is of immense importance and we have been interviewing as many of the surviving diggers as we can to capture their memories and experiences in the short time we have left. Peter FitzSimons is contributing his vast knowledge, as is well known author and Kokoda historian Patrick Lindsay. Ross Wilkinson from 2/14th Battalion Association is our official Researcher.

Several thousand women applied. Most Australians are not aware that more bombs were dropped on Darwin than were at Pearl Harbour. Broome was bombed as was Sydney Harbour. The documentary is not so much about war, but about the sacrifices that were made by those young men, for us to live the life we do today.

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